Collecting memories and moments, holding them, close, until your next adventure.

We are a vibrant swimwear label, creating experiential collections inspired by wanderlust. Our pieces are treasured by women who wander, see, and experience.

With a passionate focus on beauty, community and sustainability, Stone Fox Swim is dedicated to creating not only a brand, but a movement that empowers, brings joy and transports.

From our Founder

Hello and welcome to the beautiful world of Stone Fox Swim. Life can be crazy and fast paced and we all experience sensory overload. I want to create a place, a feeling, a brand that remedies this modern pace – I want you to experience beauty, I want to create something that excites you. I want to help you slow down and feel good. Stone Fox Swim was born from my desire for freedom and creativity and from this we have built an incredible community of passionate, confident and inspiring women around the world. I want to welcome you to our community and offer you a voice that is heard and drives yourown personal creativity.

I’ve spent the better part of a decade growing my brand and it has evolved so much in that time. I have grown up. We have grown up. We see the world. We have found our place. I have so much gratitude for all of the support that has allowed me to create my vision. I see the beauty, I feel the love and I cherish the experience.

Welcome to Stone Fox Swim.

Our Journey

How we are made

Basking in the beauty of Mother Nature when traveling the world is very dear to our hearts – protecting, healing and supporting her is fundamental to our future and Stone Fox Swim is passionate about developing a sustainable business and product. All of our clothing garments are hand dyed with plants, as the earth intended, and our collections feature recycled as well as natural and raw materials. Made in Indonesia, Stone Fox Swim proudly supports ethical manufacturing and works closely with a family run factory to produce our collections. Our factory is passionate about creating a minimal environmental footprint and was built using International Green Regulations (LEED).

By building green and operating in an environmentally friendly way, they have helped to maintain the local beauty of the area while keeping a harmonious and balanced relationship with the Earth. Stone Fox Swim is actively engaging in sustainable business practices that not only foster and support a powerful environmental shift, but also aim to build a sustainable brand that can be here for the long term, that has the power to foster an industry that champions ethical manufacturing, and sustainable materials and processes. Stone Fox Swim aims to integrate our values of sustainability, beauty and community into our everyday brand choices – from the people we work with, to the materials featured in our collections, to the packaging we use. We seek change and we are proud to be a part of the push for awareness for the need to slow fashion down. We encourage our community to consume consciously, to travel lightly, to make choices that bring about change, however small. Together we have the power to protect Mother Earth – she gives us beauty, protection, nourishment, joy. Our community is made of intelligent, fierce, confident, creative women and when we unite, our love has the power to enact incredible change.